Our Story

Behind Every Business is a Good Story


Humble Beginnings

Wallace & Ida Nash began milking cows in 1929 in central California as a family farm with their three kids. Milk was consumed by the family and the rest was sold as a way to generate income. Only three years after starting, the cows got sick and Wallace was forced to start all over in the middle of the Great Depression. Perseverance was and still is the name of the game.

The 2nd Generation

Howard Nash began running the farm in 1935 after it was moved to a nearby town in the central valley of California. He oversaw the business and watched it grow from 30 to 200 cows while the farm increased from 60 to 280 acres. Howard took good care of the herd and made new additions to the land. This included a new 12 cow milking parlor along with a freestall barn to house the herd.


Growth and Expansion

In 1979, Howard became ill leaving the future of the farm up-in-the-air. His son, Steve, stepped up to the challenge at 20 years old taking over the daily operations of the farm. During the next 2 decades, Steve would oversee the herd expand from 200 to 1,200 cows while also racking up numerous awards for production and quality in the competitive central California market.

The Move

Falling prices and lack of water in the mid-2000's once again left the future of the farm in jeopardy. The decision was made to relocate to greener pastures, literally. A farm was purchased in Chapel Hill, Tennessee where new barns and a 48 cow milking parlor were built. In 2014, all the cows, tractors, employees, and the Nash family moved across the country to continue the family business.

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Nash Family Creamery

With a desire to sell dairy products directly to consumers, 4th generation Cody Nash began Nash Family Creamery. The Nash's visited countless creameries and dairies across the country learning the best way to make quality products. Today, the creamery prides itself on making the best ice cream and food for customers in middle Tennessee and beyond while continuing on with the 90 plus year family tradition.


We use the highest standards when caring for our animals. Cows are milked 3 times a day and housed in comfortable barns out of the weather elements. Quality feed is grown on our farm and mixed with other nutritious ingredients balanced by multiple nutritionists to ensure the herd is kept healthy. The end result is delicious and nutritious milk for Tennessee families to enjoy!



The Nash family is always looking for ways to improve both the farm and creamery. Whether it be a new flavor of ice cream or a way to make the cows happier and healthier, we strive to make the next day an improvement on the day before. Keep up-to-date on the happenings at the creamery as we plan to roll out new products and experiences to customers in the coming months and years!